Monday, February 2, 2004

Obsessions (2 of 2)

So. A large quantity of repeated viewings is a common enough desire that there's a whole market for selling videos and DVDs. More than that, I posit that it's a natural human desire. Hell, anyone who has had to deal with a small child and a Disney video knows that there's something in our genetic makeup that just wants to see something again and again until the dialogue has long-since burned itself into our brains and has started pouring out our ears.

Do we recognize that seeing something the first time gave us some sort of emotional response (joy, laughter, cleansing tears) and figure that seeing it again will give us the response again? And when the reaction isn't quite as good, we then figure we ought to see it more and more in order to achieve the same high we got the first time?

Excuse me. I think I'm jonesing for some "Pirates of the Caribbean."

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