Sunday, February 8, 2004

Want Want Want (2 of 2)

Item Three:  A new PDA
Age of current item:  I don't know, but the copyright on the OS says 1998.
Reason to replace it now:  It's old; it's bulky; one of the buttons doesn't work anymore; the (attachable) modem sucks battery life like a vampire; and it has shown a disturbing tendency to freeze up whenever you try to teach it something new.
Reason not to replace:  I'm not a heavy PDA user.  It still works for datebook and address book, which is all I use it for most of the time. 

So, I'm currently wondering if maybe I ought to look into one of them cell phone/PDA combo jobs, just 'cause it would be a single new toy that replaces two things on their way out -- but that's a relative new technology and I expect the little buggers will drop seriously in price over the next year or so.  But will I be able to wait that long?

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