Wednesday, February 4, 2004

What is Likely the End of the Story

So, the union's big announcement today was an offer to go into binding arbitration (and to go back to work under the old contract in the meantime).

The supermarkets responded with a slightly more polite version of "up yours," which basically means nobody is going back to work and this dispute will probably go on until the union folds. 

Of course, the Governator offered yesterday to become involved in brokering an agreement.  (The union said they'd be happy for his help; dunno what the stores say.)  I can understand why he wanted to stay out of it until now -- it looks ugly and unresolveable -- why would a brand new untested governor take this on as a high-visibility test when there's a huge likelihood of miserable failure?  But I can also see stepping in now as a good thing -- now that it really looks like the strike is going to go on until the union caves, I think the press the governor would get is bound to be good, even if the result isn't.  That is, a "well, at least he tried," sort of press.

Besides, I can see him using his celebrity to broker an arrangement nobody else can.  (Insert Austrian accent here)  "Give the workers their health care premiums and I'll shop at Vons in my next three movies."  Hey, it could happen. 


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grodygeek said...

I've grown tired of Doonsberry, it just isn't funny anymore. I did like his name for your new Govenor, NZ. His name is the Grupenfuhrer. Okay, my spelling of abused German words is really bad, sue me. But it sounds good. Grope-en-few-her.