Friday, February 13, 2004

Peter Gabriel

I'm told by my morning DJ that today is Peter Gabriel's birthday.

I was going to say something about how coincidental that is, as I'd been planning a Peter Gabriel journal entry -- but the fact is, I'd been thinking about the entry "one of these days" for weeks now, so it isn't really that his birthday is a coincidence -- more of a motivating factor.


I have lots of albums on my ipod, but there's really one playlist I listen to regularly. It has about 45 songs on it. They are, quite obviously, all songs that I like, seeing as I'm willing to listen to the playlist nearly continuously at work. And I like all of the songs for different reasons -- some are perky, some are good to sing along with, some just have a great groove. But I've noticed lately that there's something qualitatively different about the Peter Gabriel tracks. Some of his tunes just hotwire directly into the little "happiness" part of my brain, to the point where I put down my work and just listen whenever they're being played, as little endorphins go merrily skipping around my system.

Dunno why this is, but it's really something more than, "wow, I dig that song." It really feels like an almost chemical reaction to a certain arrangement of musical notes. It's unfair to all the other songs -- apparently the oracle only spoke to Peter Gabriel. Wonder what sort of deal he had to make to be given the Great Secret of Songwriting.

Ooo, a "repeat" button. Gotta go.


grodygeek said...

What stuff do you like by the G-man? Are you a fan of his early stuff with Genesis before it was ruined by that man Phil? The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway ring a bell? Or the first four solo disc he did? I liked his stuff a lot up to "So", but after that, I've lost interest. And you? Gordy

nzforme said...

Well, I've currently got "Solsbury Hill" on an infinite loop, and I was generally referring to his solo stuff -- but yeah, the early Genesis was muy bueno as well.