Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Fate -- a more positive spin

Came home from work today feeling a little "under the weather." Have now decided that I'm officially sick. Throat hurts. I don't want to talk. Ugh.

Took an Advil. Ate some soup. Made some Jell-o.

Thought about eating some ice cream, but I'm not yet certain if my current level of sickness is one compatible with milk products. And then I remembered what I bought at the store the other day...

Otter Pops.

I haven't bought Otter Pops since college. (And then, I hadn't bought them since childhood.) But they were a godsend in college -- where there were four of us sharing one of those tiny dorm fridges, with its even tinier dorm fridge freezer. There wasn't room for a pint of ice cream in there -- never mind that the four of us would never share a single pint of ice cream. No, the only way we could ALL get a frozen treat in there was if we bought Otter Pops, divvied them up among us in their room temperature state, and let each of us keep two in the freezer at a time.

So, here I am, in the grocery store, seeing a box of Otter Pops and having college flashbacks. And, for some reason, I decided to buy a box. Got home and put 'em the freezer.

So now, while my Jell-o is taking its own sweet time to cool in my fridge, I can enjoy me a lovely "Alexander the Grape" Otter Pop. A perfect frozen treat for a sore throat.

Yay Fate!


andreakingme said...

What tuh hell's an Otter Pop?

And ... McDonald's french fries are great for a sore throat. Must be the salt.

nzforme said...

Otter Pop -- a one-ounce popsicle. But they sell them in liquid form in individual ... baggies, really. So you get this little (thin) baggie filled with, say, red, vaguely-strawberry flavored water -- stick in the freezer -- and presto, a little vaguely-strawberry flavored popsicle. (You eat it by pushing it out of the top of the little bag.)