Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Scroll Down Memory Lane

I had an idea for today's entry, but couldn't remember whether I'd written about it before. Decided to take a little scroll through all my earlier entries to find out.

Turns out I hadn't, but I ended up with a whole lot of Thoughts On AOL-J that I wanted to post:

1. There has GOT to be a way to back this thing up. And I mean an easy way -- not just copying every damn entry into a Word Processor and saving it. I'm looking for some magical "back up journal to hard drive" button. But there's a lot in here that I don't want to lose -- the details of my trip, for instance -- and I want to preserve it someplace.

2. Which reminds me, the other day, Gordy commented ...

2.5. Which reminds me, you'd think AOL would do an upgrade that allows Mac users to put links in their journals.

2. ... that it would read easier if I posted multi-part entries in reverse order, so they'd read from the top down. I don't do this for two reasons. The first is that this journal has so MANY multi-part entries posted the other way (such as the 10-part story of my trip to Fiji), it seemed like I'd be confusing people by switching orders NOW. Besides, didn't John promise us (on behalf of AOL) that they'd be Vastly Increasing the character-limit sometime soon? Wouldn't that be nice?

3. BTW, if you click on the "link to this entry" button for the first entry in a multi-part story (and/or access the entry from the "older entries" screen), you can then just page through the multi-entry story in order. (Not to mention you get to read all the comments.)

4. There should be an "alert me when someone comments on an older entry" feature. 'Cause I found some comments I'd never read before. (Hi, new visitors!)

5. I just gotta ask -- What's so difficult about AOL-J software? I had a heck of a time adding entries from various internet cafes around the planet, and several browsers just won't access the journal at ALL. There doesn't seem to be a problem with web-based non-AOL Journals. Is there something in AOL's attempt to be so bloody user-friendly that it requires such a high-end broswer it is really user-unfriendly?

6. My cat -- still cute.


iwaterbeari said...

ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ... never seen your cat, but ditto anyway, because I'll take your word for it.

grodygeek said...

There is no excuse for not letting Mac (wasn't it Apple users once upon a time??) put in links. Just no dang excuse.
You mean like just because you started putting things in assbackwards you're going to keep on doing it? Whew? And they call engineers anal retentive! Come on NZ, that is one lame excuse. I have no idea, do they let Apple users in beta?

andreakingme said...

NZ, you should send a copy of this entry to the AOL Techies. Like ... once a week.