Saturday, February 28, 2004

Where Things Are Going

Where is this journal going?  Nowhere in particular, as usual.

Where is "52" going?  Someplace.  I'm actually somewhat pleased because I figured out (in broad, general terms) where I intend to take it.  What I'm aiming for is some vague internet-journal equivalent of an epistolary novel.  So you might notice a little more exposition in the entries as I start laying a little groundwork.  This is not to say I actually expect it to work -- "publishing" something on a first-draft while-it-is-being-written basis doesn't really strike me as a formula for success, but I'm still enjoying the whole concept of playing around with it on the road to failure.  Not to mention there's an odd freedom to writing journal entries as someone you're not.

Where am I going?  London.  On Tuesday.  Barring continued illness or anything else unexpected.  So I might be getting a little Traveloguey around here for awhile.  (I wrote a couple "52" entries in advance and emailed them to myself, so that should update on schedule -- at least for the first few days.  But if NotNZ seems a little quiet next week, it's because her puppetmaster is out of the country.)


rinakatay21 said...

You are *quite* the traveler! New Zealand now London! Wow! I wanna go! Is this business or pleasure?

nzforme said...

Oh, pleasure -- most definitely. While I would LOVE to go on someone else's dime, I can't figure out a way seeing plays in London is relevant to the California Court system.