Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Home Sick

I couldn't really fight being sick.  To tell you the truth, it probably came at the most opportune time.  I had just finished my last case at work for the month, and don't have anything to review until Sunday.  If I need to take a couple of days to get my health back together, I really won't miss out on much just now.  Well, excepting for a major rainstorm. 

But what I really hate is missing out on the leave time.  I have "annual leave," which means my sick time and my vacation time is the same thing.  So the more of it that I use being sick, the less of it I have left for vacation.  Sometimes when I'm sick, I can work at home, which manages to save me the leave time -- but this time I don't have any work-at-home work on me.  So I just have to sit around on my butt.

And what I really hate about THAT is sitting around on my butt not being able to enjoy it.  I feel pretty pitiful -- I spent an hour or so with a cold compress on my forehead, and right now I'm hoping I can actually keep down that piece of buttered toast I just ate.  (Ooo, I hope so.  I'd love to move up to the Tiny Bits of Turkey frozen dinner.)  If I'm going to have a day off, I'd like to actually enjoy it, rather than just count the minutes until I start getting better.

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