Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Like You Don't Have Enough To Read Already

OK, 'member back when we all went through that whole Raven Thing?  When there was a journal out there about someone we all got to know, and then the journal said that she'd died in an accident, and we got to researching it and it turned out that Raven wasn't real and we'd all been had?

(I do.)

Around the time that this happened, I started wondering whether it wouldn't be fun to do a journal for a fictional person, but (and here's the difference) make it clear from the get-go that it's fiction.  Sort of as a writing project.  But, hopefully, said fictional person would live an interesting enough life that it would be worth reading.

I thought I'd try this out -- and the release of AOL Journals Beta gave me an opportunity to give it a go.  So I've created a new screen name, made her a Beta tester, and written up the very first entry in her journal.  She's someone a lot like me, only something's happened to send her down a completely different path.

So, if you'd like to take part in the experiment, take a look at this Journal here:


One thing:  it acts like it is a private journal, but (since it is fictional, and would be more than happy to have everyone read it), it is, in fact, public.  Play along!  Act like you've been invited!



sweetmelissa4u said...

Hey, I like that at the bottom of that one it has a button for "Alert me when this journal is updated" that's really cool.

andreakingme said...

Yeah, I remember. And ... I'll go take a peek. Seems intriguing.