Wednesday, February 11, 2004

It's Good to Collect Stuff

I collect snowglobes. Not them tiny little plastic ones with the Statue of Liberty in 'em, but nice, big ones that can be considered art, as long as you're using a really, really wide definition.

It wasn't intentional. It just sorta happened. A good friend gave me a "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" snowglobe for being in her wedding. Around the same time, I bought myself a Broadway snowglobe.

Here's something you might not know about snowglobes: They reproduce. Once you get two snowglobes together, sooner or later you'll have a third snowglobe. This isn't because of snowglobe sex -- it's because if someone happens to see two snowglobes sitting in your living room, they think, "Hey, she must like snowglobes," and they'll buy you one next time they're in the market for a present for you.

And, of course, once you have three, the NEXT person is certain to think you collect snowglobes.

I don't think I actually admitted to "collecting snowglobes" until five or six.

Today, I got number 19. (It's gorgeous. Thanks Mom & Dad!)

And while this collection of mine happened by chance, I highly recommend going out and finding something to collect. Not only are people never at a loss for what to get you for your birthday, they actually think of you when they happen upon a fine specimen of whatever it is you collect. This is a cool thing. As is my new globe. Hee!


grodygeek said...

Collecting is a good thing. Some just don't get it. I love to collect recordings of music. Vinyl, tape, or cd. I have hundreds. Neatly organized and shelved. The ex still hated it. I listen all the time. At work, when I do someone a favor, everyone knows my favorite shop and I get gift certificates from there. So you are right, it works. I also read a lot and my releticks know that and get me a certificate to any old book shop and I like that. Everybody needs a passion. Gordy

pegluh said...

I collect dust.



andreakingme said...

I used to be a glass vase collector. The weirder the shape, the better, you know? Pretty soon, it felt like I was living in a glass house, though.

Maybe I'LL start collecting snowglobes. I've always loved 'em.