Friday, February 27, 2004

To My Non-Real-World Pals (2 of 2)

3.  I have hesitated to update my "Other Journals" links for a long time because I don't want anyone to feel bad by deing "dropped" or "not included" or whatever.  Yeah, well, now I have a Beta Journal (it's a fictitious journal, under the link to "52") and, frankly, someone's gotta go to make room for me.  While I was making modifications, I added some links to other journals I read regularly that HADN'T been listed there  (Absinthemnded and Daily Snooze in particular) -- mostly because I'm getting tired of hunting down where I last saw a link to them.  ANYWAY, the other journals are not my "friends," my "clique" or my "homies."  Many of these folks are people who I've never emailed or commented with -- I just enjoy reading their journals.  If you like reading my stuff, you might like those too.

4.  In closing, please don't try to read anything into whether I comment, or respond to comments, or link, or don't link, or anything like that.  There's no hidden meanings in what I do.  I comment if I have something to say.  I read a link because it's polite.  But whether I comment or don't, or link or don't, has NOTHING to do with what I might think of you as a person or a friend.


andreakingme said...

Well, I'm crushed. I thought we were homies to the end.

I do most of my Journal surfing when I'm at work (to keep from going totally mad) and can't get to the Beta Journals because I come in from another browser. I did check out 52 briefly the other night (is that REALLY you, LOL?!) and will definitely be back. Verra interestin' stuff, that.

hempenhomespun said...

I don't know . . . don't you think renaming "Other Journals" as "Journal Homies" would be fun?