Sunday, February 8, 2004

Want Want Want (1 of 2)

I'm in a very dangerous mode right now -- it's what happens when I look at some toy I don't have and think, "Want."  This sort of thing has resulted in a few rather expensive purchases in the past.  Including, say, my car.  I know that once I walk down this road it is fairly difficult to stop me.

Which I don't altogether mind because, y'know, toys are cool!

The problem with it hitting at this particular moment is I've got THREE candidates for New Toy of the Moment, and even at my most spendy, I just can't throw that much cash around.

Item One:  A new desktop.  
Age of current item:  Going on 5 years old.
Reason to replace it now:  Made unusual beeping noises on startup and initially refused to boot.  Various programs keep having inexplicable errors and (for the first time) MS Word starting acting a little wonky. 
Reason to not replace:  Attached to all sorts of peripherals I'd probably have to replace too, since they're not USB 2 or whatever the hell standard new computers are using now.  Also, it is not my sole computer -- as long as it is functioning enough to support the ethernet card and router, I can use the laptop.

Item Two:  A new cell phone.
Age of current item:  Two years in May.
Reason to replace it now:  Compared to the new ones, it has no bells and whistles at all.  Also, when May rolls around, my contract ends and I can take my phone number to another provider.
Reason not to replace:  Unlike the computer, the cell phone hasn't shown any signs of inability to keep doing what it is doing.

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