Monday, February 23, 2004

Johnny Depp -- The SAG Award (2 of 2)

OK, now the bigger way -- the REAL reason why I think Depp got this one (as opposed to any other award).  Before "Pirates" came out, Depp did a lot of interviews in which he talked about how responsible he, personally, was for creating the character of Captain Jack.  He talked about how he fought the Powers That Be tooth and nail (well, tooth and hair) to give Jack the look he wanted, and the characterization he felt was necessary.  And, at the time, I was impressed that Depp went out on a limb like that -- not just going out on a limb in his performance, but also going out there and telling EVERYONE that it was all HIS doing.  And I thought, "If this movie tanks, Depp will never work again."  Because here he is admitting how much he took over the role and did what he damn well pleased with it.

I think that the other ACTORS -- who vote on the SAG awards -- are rewarding him for THAT, as much as for his performance.  That they're supporting one of their comrades who took a chance on what he thought the part should be, fought everyone who stood in his way, and ended up hitting one out of the park.

(P.S.  In related SAG Award news -- Does anyone else think it was a little out of place for Sean Astin to make his plea for moving productions back into the U.S. when he was accepting an award for a film made in, oh, where was that again?)


grodygeek said...

Sure, I like it better this way, it is easier to read. And yes, I feel pretty stupid cause I made too big a deal out of it. Sue me. Even better idea?

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nzforme said...

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