Thursday, February 5, 2004

What's Going on in that Furry Little Head?

Yeah, ok, I love my cat. We all know this.

I had myself an opportunity to engage in a little bit of kitten study recently. I noticed that she stretches out her little toes in a full-body yawn and stretch -- and then a little while later I caught myself doing the same thing. Never really noticed that that I engage in finger-separation when I've got a really GOOD stretch going until I saw my cat do it first.

And then there's sleeping. Is there anything more adorable than a kitten asleep? Just splayed out on her back or side, with little paws in the air, bent at the feline equivalent of elbows. And then I saw a little involuntary shiver pass through her body. And I wondered, is she dreaming?

Is it one of those boring recounting-the-events-of-the-day dreams? (I saw the events of the day. She sat on top of the entertainment center and watched me work. Well, this was after a couple of Psycho Kitty runs through the house -- but still, it isn't enough to keep a healthy dream life going.) Or is she having Feral Cat Fantasies, imagining herself chasing and eating Real Live Mice?

I like to think she's just dreaming about her favorite things in life -- running down the hallway chasing the little red dot, me suppressing giggles when I see her with a big furry toy mouse sticking out of her mouth ("what? this mouse? I see no mouse"), getting scratched under the chin, and the happy sound of the wet cat food cans opening.

So I pet her a little, and she reorganized herself to snuggle next to my arm, and I thought, that's the sort of thing *I* dream about.


andreakingme said...

Cute entry, NZ.

No, there's nothing cuter than a sleeping kitty. Especially when they're snoring. Makes my heart melt. And then . . . it makes me sleepy.

pegluh said...

my cat decided to scream at me at 2:43AM. i don't know why.

karynetaylor said...

at least you'll never need to hire Moe, the Cat Whisperer!!

Dang, do you people KNOW how bad I want a kitty?

(well, not enough to trade my husband in for one)

~ Karyn