Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Queer Eye for that Strider Guy (2 of 3)

Cut to Kyan and Aragorn, having a heart to heart at a nearby river.

Kyan:  All right.  Now, what's your skin care regime?

Aragorn stares blankly.

Kyan:  Just soap and water?  Do you wash your face with soap and water every morning?

Silence.  A cricket.

Kyan:  This here is a bar of "soap."  Look.  If you put it in the river, it makes suds and a nice lather.  Now, do this to your hands first.  Then, move on to your face.  

Aragorn tries it.

Kyan:  Great!  Now, this item here is called a 'razor.'  You're going to use it to get rid of all that stubble.

NZforMe runs in from off-stage and hurriedly whispers something in Kyan's ear.  Kyan nods, whispers back, "I see your point," and turns back to Aragorn.

Kyan:  You know what?  We're going to forget the razor for now.  Let's move on to something else.  Here, take a look at this item.  It's called a 'comb.'

NZforMe starts making frantic motions from the wings.  Kyan catches her eye and puts the comb down.

Kyan:  All righty then.  Why don't you go over that thing with the soap we just learned?

Enter Jai.

Jai:  Can I have a minute?  We need to talk.

Kyan leaves.

Jai:  OK.  I noticed that pendant you're wearing.  It's a little bit larger than what Carson would normally suggest for an accessory, but I understand your girlfriend gave it to you, so it's good that you're wearing it.  But now, we've got to do some other things that will make you just a teeny bit more accepted by her family, OK?   Can I be honest here?  Her dad is a little concerned that you're not living up to your full potential.  He says that you have a perfectly good job offer waiting for you back at home, but that you're kind of running away from it.

Aragorn looks down.

Jai:  I know it's tough.  But you're worthy of it.  You've got to believe in yourself.  [Pause to allow Aragorn serious introspection.]  OK, now go talk to Ted about food.

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