Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Network for Who? (1 of 2)

Home sick.  Watching daytime television.  (I watched about a half hour of "General Hospital."  Hadn't watched that since Junior High School.  Did not recognize one character.  But the Nurses's Station set is the same.  You'd think someone would have redecorated that poor hospital in the past twenty years.)

ANYWAY, I found myself watching MacGyver reruns.  On Spike TV.  The "Network for Men."

OK, I watch a lot of Spike anyhow.  They rerun Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I never actually watched that the first time around.  (I had watched the first few episodes, decided it had potential, made a note to return to it once it settled down and got good -- and then kinda forgot about it.)  So, I been catching up on my Next Generation.

And while I am a female of the species who watches Star Trek -- and I picked up that habit from my mother, a female of the species who not only watched the original Star Trek but dragged her family to what I think was the world's Very First Star Trek Convention -- I can sorta understood how that one is on a self-proclaimed network for men.  Cause, I mean, your science fiction is, generally speaking, considered the realm of male nerds.  (It's a generalization, I know -- and boy, I hate generalizations -- but I'm willing to accept that you'd put a Star Trek show on a network for men.  In much the same way I understand how Roseanne reruns are on Oxygen.)

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