Friday, February 20, 2004

I Have a Magic Necklace

No, really, I do.

I have a sort of bizarre relationship with magical/mystical things. I don't believe in them. Yet I'm not above living in a world in which they exist. Work with me here.

A while back, my parents went on a vacation to (ironically) New Zealand. And, being the charming, wonderful parents that they are, they brought me back a present. TWO presents.

A pair of wool sleeping socks, and a black pearl necklace.

I was extremely psyched ... about the sleeping socks. (Really. You haven't slept till you've tried 'em. In fact, my mom asked me to bring her back a pair when I went to New Zealand. Funny.)

Anyway, I could tell my father was a little disappointed that I seemed to be bouncing up and down in glee over the socks, but not showing sufficient enthusiasm for the black pearl necklace. Which is quite spiffy, don't get me wrong.

I was told, subsequently, that my father picked out the necklace just for me and everything.

I decided (see, I can *decide* if things are magical) that since my dad gave me the necklace, it was magically instilled with some property of dad-ness. In this case, his work ethic. I figured that if I wear the necklace on days when I'm having trouble focussing on work and getting the job done, my dad's "magic" will help me focus my attention and get stuff done.

And it does. Yuh-huh.

Mostly, I expect, because I *think* it does. When I'm having a hard day at work, I find myself fingering the smooth pearl, and thinking about how my dad is never satisfied by doing a half-assed job, and how I shouldn't be either -- and I do my damn work.

I don't want to waste the magic, so I don't wear it all the time -- only when I feel like I need that little extra push. But when I do, it doesn't fail me.

'cause it's *magic.*


cw2smom said...

Hello Kindred Spirit! I have a necklace and a pair of earrings like that! The necklace is a pendant that I found when cleaning out my grandmother's house after her was like she led me to it, as it was hidden in an old wallet. So, I wear that when I need her comfort. The has an angel sitting on the hoop....representing my sis who died of cancer.
Lisa @ Wearin My Heart on My Sleeve

cw2smom said...

Oh....and I am a sock freak...could you also pick me up a pair when you go to NZ? LOL

mlraminiak said...

Isn't it cool how gifts from dads can turn you all mushy inside? And the magic they hold is REALLY cool! Lisa :-]

tammyg22 said...

Did you tell your dad about the magical properties of the necklace? Since he was bummed by your reaction (or lack thereof), telling him might give him a boost.