Saturday, February 14, 2004

Fifty First Dates -- Is That All? (2 of 2)

I've Speeddated. Twice. I never actually got a date out of it, but I did pick up a free meal. The Speeddating I went to was specific to Judaism -- and I was "picked up" by a modern orthodox rabbi's wife who apparently trolls speeddating meetings and invites young singles to Sabbath dinner at her house -- partially to try to make a match and partially to sell us on modern orthodoxy. So, no dates, but a home-cooked meal with a religious sales pitch.

This is not to say I've done all that terribly well with the men I've picked out for myself without the assistance of others. Some lowlights include: a guy who subsequently came out; a cocaine-addict; a guy who took me to a romantic evening at the City Dump; a guy who took me to see a movie in which two men had an onscreen kiss, at which point he loudly made retching noises in the theater (I'm not with him, really); and two (count 'em, TWO) guys who, when trying to impress me by cooking a meal, set the food on fire (not just burning it, I'm talking actual FLAMES leaping from the oven).

So, I shall spend Valentine's Day with my cat, and maybe a nice DVD.

And, next week, I'll see who else Cupid wants to throw at me.


brianswife7378 said...

oh my gosh! You poor woman! you have my sympathies, though, admittedly, they probably aren't much considering i've been married since I was 21. However, I can only imagine the horrors of the dating world and hope I never have to experience it again. My single friends say it's really awful. ~liz

olddog299 said...

"I know I have to kiss a LOT of frogs to find a prince ... but must they all have leprosy?"

I feel your pain. I haven't a clue where one might look for your basic "nice guy" in L.A. but then again, such a beast may no longer exist. Perhaps hunting forays to less exotic locales would be in order. Santa Barbara comes to mind, for some reason. Buena Suerte and don't give up hope, for without hope nothing else will matter.


andreakingme said...

The dating IS awful. Until you meet someone you're interested in, that is. And it happens when you least expect or want it--at least it did for me.

NZ, it seems like you have a great career and that you're fun, interesting and intelligent. Why do you want a guy who'll spoil all of that? LOL.